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Advanced Platinum Series GUV-600A 900w LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

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  • Description
  • Platinum LED lights have the HIGHEST PAR/LUMEN OUTPUT PER WATT of any LED grow light! 2x-3x the intensity of any other lights!
  • SUPERIOR 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR - The most complete and efficient spectral output available. Dimensions-17.2W x 11.3 L x 3.6 H inches
  • Selectable VEG/FLOWER switches with 8x high speed whisper quiet fans plus ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • 900w HPS replacement with 3.5ft x 4ft coverage at 18" height PERFECT for massive commercial applications or using multiple units for even coverage
  • This product is covered by a 3 years factory warranty. Weight- 14.4 pounds. Bloom Power-690 Watts. Veg Power-379 Watts
1. Supply Voltage: 120V AC only
2. For indoor use only, avoid splashing liquids onto the lighting unit
3. Do not look directly into the lights when the unit is switch on!
Lighting Unit Qty:1 Power Cable Qty:1
Adjustable Strings Qty: 2 Steel Cables Qty:2
*Note: The pulley is attached to one end of the adjustable string.
The steel cables’ hooks are attached to the mounting holes of the lighting unit.
1. Unpack and examine the product carefully. Check for any physical damages or missing parts
on the lighting unit.
2. Check all accessories items physically for any damages. Ensure the quantity of each item
matches the checklist given above.
3. Retain all packing materials and report any damages/discrepancies if there is any part(s) found
damaged/missing during shipping.
4. Do not attempt to use the product if found damaged.
1. Place the lighting unit (I) on a table with the power socket facing up. Secure the pulleys’
hooks (F) into the loop end of the steel cable (G).
2. Secure the hook (C) of the adjustable strings (D) onto the mounting bar (B).
3. Connect the power cable (H) end into the socket located on the back of the lighting unit.
4. Pull up the adjustable strings (D) to ascend the lighting. Connect the power cable (A) end to
the wall outlet and the lighting unit is ready to use.
Ascending: Pull up the adjustable strings (D).
Descending: Press down the pulley (E) with one hand and pull/release adjustable strings (D).
Release pulley (E) when appropriate height is achieved
*Note: Ensure both adjustable strings (D) are adjusted to approximately the same length for best
When the lighting unit has reached the factory's preset temperature of 120 ℉ , the cooling fan will
switch on automatically. When the lighting unit's temperature decreases to 95 ℉ , the cooling fan
will switch off automatically. If the cooling fan does not switch on after the lighting unit's
temperature reached 120 ℉ , that means the cooling fan is faulty. Please stop using the lighting
unit. Otherwise, the lighting unit will overheat and become faulty.
A、H:Power Cable B:Mounting Bar C、F:Hook
D:Adjustable string E:Pulley G:Steel Cable
J: WiFi antenna M: WiFi indicator light K: VEG switch
L: BLOOM switch N: UV switch I : Lighting Unit
Sufficient amount of light is necessary for plant growth. The amount of PPFD required is different in
the different stages of growth. During the seedling stage, only a small amount of PPFD is required. A
strong PPFD applied in the seedling stage will damage the seedlings easily. An adequate amount of
PPFD should be applied during the growth stages. A higher amount of PPFD will be required during
the flowering stage. The lighting’s height should be adjusted accordingly to suit the different growth
stages. During acclimation, if you find the leaves curling or overly stress, please raise the light to an
appropriate height to resolve the problem.
Seedlings: The time required for the seed to grow out from the soil until the first set of young leaves
present is around 7 days.
Vegetative: This switch is suitable for plants without flowers (e.g. leafy vegetables or basil). It should
also be used for flowering plants during the stage where two or more set of true leaves appear till
before the flowering stage. For the above scenarios, deep red spectrums are absorbed less by the
plants. Hence, the VEG switch will be sufficient to satisfy the plants’ lighting needs at this stage.
Flowering: When the plant has grown to a desired height, e.g. medicinal plants grown up to 24~30
inches tall, switch on the BLOOM switch. Set the illumination time to 12 hours, The flower buds will
start to appear after growing for a period of time.
LED Grow Light Dimensions: D/17.2" x H/3.6" X W/11.3"
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